How to Protect Your Back While You Work Out

Use the following tips to protect your back while you work out:

Posture:  Ensure you use correct postures and do the work out in the correct way.  Bad postures like bending and sitting or leaning the head forward will put more pressure on the spine.  Ensure that you work out in such a way that too much weight is not exerted on spine.

Ergonomic Equipment:  If you find that the gym equipment is not comfortable ensure that you give the feedback and necessary steps are taken for rectification.

Listen to symptoms early:  People tend to ignore when the pain is rare or very mild.  But this is the correct time to take preventive steps.  Rather than taking treatment after complicating the health issue, it is better to get treated in the initial stage.  Also when you undergo minimally invasive procedures by Spine surgeon NJ ensure that you seek his advice regarding taking up the right work out which is not strenuous.  If during the work out if you get pain stop the work out immediately.

Breaks:  Do not overdo or work out at a high speed for the longer duration.  Take those breaks as suggested by the trainer in the gym or your physician.

Bending and lifting:  Ensure you take utmost care while bending and lifting the weight.  This, when done casually, will prove to be a deadly mistake.

Nutrition: Ensure you take the nutritional supplement as advised in the gym, in addition, to work out.  This will ensure that you develop strong bones and muscles.  Making the body stronger will protect the spine even when the body is subject to more wear and tear.

Warming up:  Warming up is very important to tone and prepare the body for work out.  If you skip warming up it amounts to subjecting the spine to sudden harsh work.