Currently, vasectomies turn out to be the most common urological procedure performed as a means of birth control. Couples prefer to opt for this rather than carrying out the female sterilization which is riskier and even expensive too when compared to the male getting snipped. However, this never makes you less than a man and so you need not worry about it. On the contrary, you can enjoy your sex life without bothering about contraception.

That is a real advantage. Still, if you are nervous about it, read here the facts about the procedure.

  1. Usually, Vasectomy is done after giving you a local anesthesia rather than the general type and so, it is safe to be performed at the clinic itself under the supervision of the doctor.
  2. Confirmation is required. This specific process does not give the instant result. You have to ensure through semen analysis that no viable sperm is detected in your sperm.
  3. You can expect some common side effects. For example, there can be swelling or redness in the incision area which may be a little painful. Having a pain-killer can relieve you from the discomfort but still if the irritation persists and may develop fever or something, immediately consult your specialist because there can be possible chances of infection there.
  4. No risk of any diseases on your way due to this practice. Some people fear that this particular method of sterilization is eventually followed by life threating diseases like prostate cancer or so. No such things have been reported yet.
  5. You can be carefree. Do not be anxious about the occurrence of sexual hitches like feeling low on sexual desire, problems in erection or so.
  6. Vasectomy does not mask you from transmitting or acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Ensure a protection thing if you or your partner has been detected with STI.
  7. It is possible to attain back your fertility depending on the time gap since this procedure was done. If it was too long back, then it is difficult for your sperm to reappear. On the alternate note, you can perform the reverse surgery with the help of a surgeon and within 4 to 12 months, your sperm might reappear in the semen.

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