Mental health is one of the most important things for a healthy and happy life. Many people struggle with disorders and require therapist assistance. But you can also improve your mental health by changing your daily habits. Here are nine tips to improve your mental health with your daily habits.

  1. Set Realistic Goals – Setting short term goals is very necessary for a healthy life. But as per studies, most people suffer from depression/ anxiety as they fail to achieve these goals. Set realistic goals that you can achieve step-by-step.
  2. Spend Time Outdoors – Take a pleasant nature walk for over an hour in a park, fields, greenery or gardens. Walk at a relaxed pace otherwise spend time in nature. It reduces stress in such a way that is not achieved by a walk on a busy street.
  3. Meditation – Studies show that meditating every day reduces anxiety & depression so it helps you to focus and also lessens distractions.
  4. Exercise – Physical activity is as healthy and important as mental activity. It reduces stress levels, strengthens thinking, improves sleep disorders, etc.
  5. Generous Relationships – It is important to give your time into your love life as this boosts mental health. However, studies show relationships like non-romantic friendships also boost mental health.
  6. Less Social Networking – Those on social networking sites are linked to depression as status updates & friends lists shows off perfect life. Be active on social media but do not make it your entire life.
  7. Purpose in Life – It is good to have a comfortable life but it does not mean a mentally healthy life. Those who involve in activities with a good purpose feel meaningful, good and happy.
  8. Worry Less – It is good to think out some things in life but do not let it worry you especially if there is a problem you cannot solve – worry also cannot solve it. Keep 30 minutes of ‘worrying time’ daily.
  9. Shopping – Depressed people go shopping but it also is a good way to de-stress. Something new will make you happy even if it is a Gucci wallets cheap remake.

More than fifty percent of our body is water. Naturally, when we get dehydrated all sorts of unpleasant signs show up telling us to replenish our fluid levels. Often we ignore these signs in the middle of our busy schedules. But we got your back. Here’s what you need to know to nip dehydration in the bud.


The first sign of dehydration is dry mouth. In fact, if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. To avoid that, keep a sipper handy and drink frequently in small amounts.

Dark urine

When your body is dehydrated, your urine gets concentrated and turns a deep amber color.It can often accompany pain or a burning sensation.


Cracked skin

Our skin cells are almost 70 percent water and with dehydration your skin cells start losing its luster and shine. Dehydration turns your skin flaky and dry.

You are constipated

Water smoothens your bowel movement and without that, your digestive system cannot effectively move the food waste to your colons, causing you to feel constipated.


When we get dehydrated, our brain cells shrink. Dehydration is also correlated with blood circulation, depriving your brain of oxygen. Instead of stuffing yourself with pills, drink a tall glass of water to get rid of headache.

Lack of concentration

A shrinkage of brain cells also causes you to lose concentration as almost three forth of your brain is water.

You feel hot

water is needed for your body to function properly. Your body temperature is regulated by how much water you drink. When our body heats up, we start sweating, which in turn cools down the body. When we are dehydrated, we cannot sweat, so the heat is trapped in the body.KasilJean recommends sipping aminimum of 2 liters of water every day.…