Attendance has a significant role in a student’s academic career. If you are unable to attend classes for a particular reason, a formal leave letter has to be written and sent to school so that your absence is recorded properly. For certain reasons, the leave letter can be sent in advance but for reasons like death which occurs suddenly the letter is submitted after returning to school. Please check this out to learn how to make a funeral letter.

When writing any kind of an excuse letter, you have to ensure that your tone is soft and not demanding. You need to briefly explain the reason behind your non attendance and enclose proof if required. If you have been absent for attending a funeral, you can enclose the funeral pamphlet to validate your reason. Following is the sample letter to school for using funeral as an excuse.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter to you to grant me leave of absence as I need to attend the funeral of my close relative. The funeral is at a remote place where my aunt is living and it takes a day and a half for me to travel and get back home. Therefore, I won’t be attending school tomorrow and day after as I am expected to reach home by tomorrow late evening. I request you to kindly help with the missed assignments if any after I report to school. I am also enclosing the funeral pamphlet for your kind reference. Please grant me leave for two days.

Yours sincerely,

(Student’s name)

To be more specific, you can mention the class you are currently studying in and also add one or two lines about your close relative and how emotionally you are attached to the deceased. Clearly mention the dates on which you will be absent so that your leave is request is properly recorded.